Virens Jung Heon Shin “Listing of Bitclover after Bitcmon… project is going smoothly”

Virens Publish
5 min readNov 29, 2021

Health big data and design NFT platform Virens Project confirmed its listing at the Bitclover exchange this 25th.

Virens signifies ‘youth’in Latin. We got to meet Jung Hun Shin, the overseer of the project.

CEO Shin is currently the CEO of S. Investment and is an asset expert who has successfully developed real estate in Seoul as well as across the country. In addition, the ‘Walkey’ app has recently been launched in the Android and iOS markets to build big data related to national health.

“A successful platform where young people become wealthy… It will be possible to make design copyright NFT transactions with human and pet big data business.”

  • What kind of project is Virens?

We are considering two main directions, where the first is aimed at a platform where young people can succeed. We want to create an opportunity for anyone to succeed through free evaluation and design transactions by converting young people’s ideas and designs into NFTs through the Virens platform.

For example, when someone creates their own design, it becomes a digital asset that can be traded. Buyers can either own the design as ‘your own’ or receive a design fee through mass production.

The second one is to build a ‘health big data platform’ for people and pets through the recently released application ‘Walkey’ through DApp. With the launch of DApp, we are spurring the development of ‘Walkey Pet’ for pets.

‘walkey-pet’ is mainly composed of two parts, which are ‘equipment’ and ‘app’. First, the appliance is equipped with a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chip and a communication chip (SKT, KT, U+ in Korea). When out of range, it transmits and receives GPS values ​​to and from the communication chip to not only determine the exact location, but also enable real-time movement path and movement tracking.

Through this, ▲ it is possible to track the location of pets in real time to prevent worries such as losing them ▲ to check the amount of motion of pets at all times like humans and to check them through pictures and graphs.

The recommended amount of exercise for pets differ according to the type, weight, and age, and the recommended exercise amount is set for each animal, and if the amount of exercise is not reached, a notification is given and a reward is paid when the amount of exercise is achieved. This makes it possible to improve the health of not only humans but also pets.

If the health data of pets is accumulated in the form of block chain, ‘walkey-pet Mall’ and companion animal insurance can also be launched and this makes ‘walkey-pet’ the only possible.

In the long term, it is a project with Virens(young people), where rental fees as well as transactions are possible through the self-issued ‘Virens Token’.

  • What is Virens project’s future?

The biggest social problem that Korean youths feel is ‘inequality-asymmetry’. There is a similar climate in the fashion industry, and the reality is that the creative works produced by young people are not fully evaluated in the market. On a serious level, you don’t even get a “opportunity to be evaluated at all.”

Virence Project is evaluated by users based on pure design without external factors such as academic background and or social background.

Anyone can upload their designs and artworks in the form of NFTs, and general consumers and companies in need of designs can freely vote and trade them. You can get fair evaluations for your designs and works of art.

You can check individual health data through DApp Walkey and receive long-term health care information. If you are concerned about the safety and health of your pet, you can check the location and exercise information in real time.

  • The combining technology doesn’t seem easy, so how is the team structure?

We have brought experts in each field. ▲ CEO Son Seong-ik, who was in charge of branding and art planning at Meta Branding, Mogloo, and Ongroo ▲ CEO Ha Sang-kwan, who was in charge of real estate infrastructure business at Terramons Asset Management and Hanmi Financial Group ▲ Advisory member of Korea Blockchain Consultative Committee and CEO of Connect Law Firm Lawyer Lee Joo-ho, etc., are in charge of advising on project progress and human networks as advisors.

Technically, ▲CEO Yoo Yong-duk, who served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at Chungnam National University and developed specialized software in each field with BASF, POSCO, and SK, as well as government projects, serves as CTOas CTO ▲Accountant, Head of Bayer Korea, and President of Ascencia Korea. Lee Dong-hyun, the CEO, serves as CFO.

  • How would you briefly dsecribe DApp Walkey that users will meet?

Walkey started as a pedometer, which is widely used in everyday life. Users exercise by using a Walkey and collect their own exercise data. They analyze it and receive advice that is helpful to stay healthy.

Walkey points will be given as much as people walk and exercise, and then they will be able to exchange their Walkey points for Virens tokens. Walkey Points can purchase various items through the Virens platform.

If Viren Token is listed on one or two exchanges within this year, Walkey Points can be exchanged for tokens and easily be converted into cash. If the first version is for people, the next that will be added in the next ‘Walkey-Pet’ is a plan to add functions for dog-cat lovers.

People can check the real-time location of their pets through GPS and communication network through ‘Momentum Check + Location Tracking System’ with their pets, so they can prepare any losing incidents.

People can also check the amount of exercise and exercise style of their pet. Walkey will become a ‘human-pet big data platform’ to improve the living environment of users and their pets.

The fact that there is no major player leading the market despite the market size for pets in 2021 is super-large, reaching 3 trillion won in Korea, 20 trillion won in Japan, 50 trillion won in the US, and 120 trillion won in the world as of 2021. As such, it raises the possibility of the market that Virens will enter.

  • What is the direction after the project?

DApp Walkey was released in October, and ‘Walkey-pet’ is scheduled to be released by the first half of next year.

We are starting to build an ecosystem through the implementation of NFT-based Virens Marketplace, and are currently discussing listing with various exchanges that we want to work with. First, starting with the listing on the Bitkmon exchange in October, it will be listed on the Bitclover exchange on November 25, and in early December, the schedule will be discussed for listing on a famous overseas exchange.

Since the experts are working together to carry out the overall project, the user’s interests are prioritized and the project schedule is being created. In the second half of this year and in the first half of next year, we will show off a wonderful appearance that will surprise everyone.